Decrease of cinema ticket due to the reduction of GST tax: New Fees Details

The GST meeting was announced to cut tax on various goods and services. This includes the cinema ticket price.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said recently that the tax on various goods and services has been cut during the recent GST tax meeting in New Delhi. It was reported that the ticket price for the movie ticket was reduced.

Tax deficit:
The GST has been implemented since last year. For GST, there are four types of taxes for 5,12,18,28.
He said the cinema ticket for more than 100 rupees would be reduced to 18% instead of 28% and reduced to less than 100% of the cinema ticket price to be reduced to 12% instead of 18%.

Ticket price decrease:
In the popular cinemas in Chennai, the first class ticket price is reduced to 150 rupees, 15 will be reduced and Rs.12 for a fee of Rs.120. Ramanathan of the Abhirami Theater said Rs 6 would be reduced to Rs.

Accordingly, a ticket of Rs.150 for the Chennai Abhirami Theater will be Rs 135 and Rs120 for the ticket from Rs.108 to Rs 100 and the ticket fee of Rs100 and Rs.94.

Ticket prices for ‘mall’ theaters like Satyam Cinemas, Escape, PVR, and AIDS:
Rs 180 for tickets – Rs 165
Rs .70 Ticket – Rs
Rs 63 for a ticket – Rs.

High price reduction in the periphery:

The ticket at the Brindavan Theater in Madras suburbs has been reduced from Rs.160 to Rs.130 and Rs 150 to Rs 150. In Kollathur Ganga Theater, Rs.160 will be charged at Rs.130 and Rs 150 will be Rs.120.

Similar to all theaters in Tamil Nadu, ticket fee is reduced. The tariff reduction will be effective from January 1.

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