How To Pick The Best Gaming Laptop for Beginners

If there’s anything in this world that really speaks to my inner nerd, it’s a gaming laptop. The idea of all that power and possibility compressed into a neat little machine is ridiculously appealing to me. I’ve spent days researching for the ideal gaming laptop for me. However, like most people I was constrained by my budget. In this article, I’ll be going through the most essential features of a gaming laptop as well as the ones you can afford to compromise on. Here are the main features of a gaming laptop.

Graphics Processing Unit:

Anyone will tell you that the most essential feature of a good gaming laptop is the GPU or graphics processing unit. The GPU is what’s in charge of handling the graphics in a game and therefore the better your GPU, the higher frame rates you’ll see. With so many high-resolution textures in modern games, I would suggest looking for a card with at least 2 gigabytes of RAM.

Central Processing Unit:

Another key area is the CPU or central processing unit. Most games nowadays are CPU dependent. It’s always to risk cheap-out on a CPU as you put yourself at the risk of bottlenecking. My recommendation would be Lenovo i5 Intel. Yes the i7 is more powerful, but for gaming you can probably get away with an i5 in most cases. At the moment I would say that 8 gygabytes of RAM is essential. But it might be worthy going for 16 gigabytes if you’re looking to future-proof.


The screen of a gaming laptop can be looked at in two ways. Firstly, I would recommend a screen that covers a large amount of the color gamut; ideally 90 to 100%. This will make the colors in games pop without any impact on the framerate. When it comes to the resolution, the numbers don’t need to be that high. There’s no sense in going for a 4k screen when most games won’t be able to play at that resolution without a huge impact on the framerate. 1080p probably sound like the ideal choice, but on a 15-inch laptop screen, 900p is the ideal choice.

Fan Noise:

This is another thing you should definitely check out before purchasing a gaming laptop. Most laptops are going to rev up the fans during intensive sessions, but some do tend to make more noise than others. To compensate for the heat that builds up beneath the keyboard, I often use a 360 controller. This choice isn’t going to be for everyone but I find it to be very comfortable. Finally, you have to consider what games you want to play on your laptop. I’m assuming that most people already know what game they want to play, but if you’re indecisive I would to do your research first about a game before purchasing it.


Before buying any gaming laptop, it’s important to consider the type or model that’s suitable for your gaming needs. Lenovo gaming laptops is one of the best brands in the market today. These are quality laptops that can work with all type of gaming that you need.

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