NASA OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to arrive at asteroid Bennu after Long Journey

Just days after its InSight lander touched down safely on Mars after a long, uncertain journey, NASA is getting set for another nail-biter: the arrival of the space agency’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft at its target, a skyscraper-size asteroid known as Bennu.

The long-anticipated rendezvous with the space rock will occur around noon EST on Dec. 3. NASA will live-stream coverage of the cosmic meet-up from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. ET. A preview of the OSIRIS-REx mission will begin at 11:15 a.m. ET.

OSIRIS-REx — the name is an acronym for Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer — launched into space in September 2016 and has been making its way toward Bennu since.

The looming arrival of the unmanned craft has energized members of the mission team.

“Like many team members, I have been working on this mission for many years,” Sandy Freund, a mission manager at Lockheed Martin, the maker of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, told NBC News MACH in an email. “We have been waiting years to be at Bennu and are incredibly excited to see this asteroid up close.”

As of Sunday afternoon, OSIRIS-REx was less than 20 miles from the asteroid, which itself is now about 76 million miles from Earth in its orbit around the sun. The craft will span the remaining distance to Bennu after another firing of its thrusters, which the team will monitor closely.

The spacecraft — a roughly cube-shape craft about eight feet on each side — will spend about a year surveying and mapping Bennu. If all goes well, the craft will lower its 11-foot robotic arm to the surface of the 1,600-foot-wide asteroid for a few seconds in 2020 to suck up a sample of regolith (the dust and pebbles believed to make up the asteroid).

The sample will return to Earth for study, scheduled to arrive in September 2023. It will be the biggest sample brought back from space since the Apollo era and the first sample of an asteroid ever returned to Earth by a U.S. space mission.

Japan’s Hayabusa mission returned a small sample of an asteroid known as 25143 Itokawa in 2010; a successor craft, Hayabusa-2, arrived at an asteroid called Ryugu last year and is expected to return a sample in 2020.

“OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa 2 are companion missions,” Dante Lauretta, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona and the principal investigator for the OSIRIS-REx mission, said in September. “We work together to understand the history of the solar system.”

The OSIRIS-REx mission is designed to enhance our understanding of asteroids and the growth and evolution of our solar system as well as to yield insights into how life arose. The seven-year, $800-million mission is also intended to help assess the feasibility of asteroid mining and to help scientists find ways to keep large asteroids from colliding with Earth.

Bennu, which is one of 700,000 known asteroids in the solar system, is characterized as potentially hazardous because there’s a chance it could collide with Earth in the late 22nd century.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Wedding Celebration

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas posted images of their wedding celebration Saturday amid reports that the couple had wed after a four-month courtship.

While the couple didn’t say they were officially married — Indian weddings are typically dayslong affairs — they both posted festive pictures of themselves on social media and talked about the work they had put into planning the wedding.

Representatives for the entertainers didn’t immediately return emails seeking comment. The couple announced their engagement in August. It is the first marriage for the 36-year-old Chopra and the 26-year-old Jonas.

The couple had been posting social-media photos of themselves among family and friends in India for more than a week. Both stars posted the photos on social media along with the same joint statement.

“One of the most special things that our relationship has given us is a merging of families who love and respect each other’s faiths and cultures,” the statement said. “Once again we made it our own and it was an afternoon that kicked off the celebrations in the way we both dreamed.”

Before Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas said “I do” on Dec. 1, they tested their relationship knowledge during a few sweet rounds of the Newlywed Game for Vogue. As the magazine’s January cover star, Priyanka spilled a few details of their romance, and Nick joined her for the fun game. The couple, who have been linked since May, quizzed each other on highlights from their romance, including where they had their first kiss and what the Quantico actress wore on their first date. Don’t worry, Nick nails every detail, even her lipstick color.

They also spilled about their pet peeves, Nick’s celebrity crush, and the “most diva thing” Priyanka does. “You’re perfect,” Nick wrote in response. Cue the “Aws!” Of course, the Close singer couldn’t help but sneak some Jonas Brothers trivia in there, much to his wife’s dismay. Regardless of their answers, it looks like these two have a lot of laughs and love between them. Cheers to the newlyweds, make sure to check out all the pictures from their special day!

To watch the Game videos of Newlywed couples, click on the reference link.


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones Wedding Celebration

Priyanka and Nick Gaming Videos



5 SEO Strategies for an IoT-Driven Future

IoT will likely change search forever. Here five crucial strategies that will enable SEO experts, content marketers, and web designers to prepare for a future in which IoT may become the norm.


IoT devices are on the rise. Currently, the global number of IoT devices is around 7 billion excluding smartphones and tablets. Due to the increasing availability of wireless connections and decreasing hardware cost, the IoT adaptation rate is only going to increase.

So, how will the rise of IoT affect how we do search engine optimization (SEO)?

IoT will bring significant changes to online marketing and SEO. Still, SEO professionals don’t need to focus on the large-scale applications of IoT like smart cities and industrial devices.

IoT Will Change How People Search

Wearable devices, smart watches, voice assistants, intelligent cars and connected homes will make many of our current SEO best practices less effective at best and obsolete at worst.

It’s hard to predict exactly how the SEO and online marketing industry will change as IoT devices become more widespread, but we can identify some general trends regarding how people use these devices and how that impacts their search habits.

Below are five SEO strategies that you should consider in order to prepare for an IoT driven future.

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1. Prioritize Voice Search

By 2020, about 50 percent of all searches will be voice-based. At present, smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home take voice commands from the users and answer their queries directly. There’s no doubt that the search engines powering these devices will focus more on content optimized for voice-based output.

Keywords are important, but conversational queries are on the rise. SEO professionals should focus on possible conversational queries and optimize their site content accordingly.

Actionable Tips:

  • Analyze your content. Figure out what types of conversational queries should point a user to your website. Optimize your on-site content accordingly.
  • Concise, straight-to-the-point question-answer pairs will help you rank well for voice search. Put these pairs in appropriate places within your main content.

2. Evolve with the SERP

Google SERP or search engine result page has changed a lot over the years. With sections like Featured Snippet, Knowledge Graph, and People Also Ask, visitors often don’t need to visit the actual pages of a website. SERP may transform even more to be compatible with IoT devices.

When using a voice or gesture-based IoT device, you have no way to check the whole search engine result page. The same will be true for other small screen or screenless IoT devices. Therefore, any SEO strategy that focuses exclusively on SERP is going to be less effective in the future.

Actionable tips:

  • In the near future, users may not need to visit websites in many cases. Search engines will directly extract necessary information and provide it to users through IoT UIs. SEO experts need to figure out how to optimize sites to be featured by search engines in a way that’s similar to optimizing your website for Google Featured Snippets.

3. Watch IoT-Based Search Media Closely

Until now, most SEO attempts have focused on Google, but IoT is going to terraform the landscape in unpredictable ways. How will people search for products while wearing smart glasses? How will a smart refrigerator find a new ice-cream brand and suggest that to you?

Chances are that Google will still power most of these searches, but an Apple self-driving car might not choose a restaurant with high Google reviews when you ask where to have your lunch from. You get the point.

Actionable tips:

  • It’s okay to focus on Google for now, but you should keep a close eye on how things are evolving. It’s essential to keep track of how your target customer group is reacting to new IoT technologies.

4. Focus More on Personalization

People, particularly millennials and later generations, expect a more personalized approach from online businesses. This trend is going to increase even further with the spread of IoT. IoT devices will have more data about an individual and their search history. From smart refrigerators in homes to the smart vehicles people will drive, there will be a lot of data sources per person. The potential for customization is going to be practically endless.

New tools and platforms will come out to collect and classify user data from IoT devices. SEO professionals should learn how to analyze and use these data points more effectively. Web content and online ads can be customized to a deeper extent using the troves of new IoT data.

Actionable tips:

  • Embrace data. While tools can give you a lot of insight, you will want to take your analytic skills one step further to get the most out of the data you have. Run A/B tests to find which content, design style, pop-up methods, and sales copy works best to convert and captivate your audience. Data from IoT systems is going to be instrumental in converting your visitors in the future.

5. Synthesize Online and Offline Data

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SEO until now has exclusively focused on data from online sources (e.g., Google Trends and keyword planners), but IoT devices will give you the opportunity to tap into the real-world offline data of your target audience. Data from smart devices can be a better signal of user intent than traditional data we collect from the web.

Predictive business models are on the rise, and SEO professionals must embrace this trend to predict the online behavior of visitors. IoT devices will be instrumental in bringing offline, real-life data to the world of online marketing.

Actionable tips

  • Keep an eye on the adaptation rate of IoT devices among your consumers. Although IoT devices like smart home appliances still have a relatively low user base, their popularity is going to increase in the near future.
  • Set realistic goals to keep up with the increasing popularity of IoT devices in your online marketing plan. Don’t leap too far ahead just yet. The rate of successful adoptions of these new technologies is generally unpredictable and uneven. On the other hand, don’t ignore the power of IoT devices either or you will be left behind in the SEO game.

The Future of Search

IoT may not have taken the world by storm just yet, as some experts had predicted, but there’s no doubt IoT systems will gain popularity and could have a widespread, multipronged impact on digital marketing and search in the near future. As an SEO expert, the best thing you can do right now is to focus on voice search, optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets, improve your team’s data analysis skills, and keep updated with the latest shifts in IoT.


SEO Strategies For IoT Driven Future