9 Benefits of Using LED Lights in Christmas

The Christmas, the most awaited festival of the year to celebrate with family and friends is also a festival of lights. The conventions of hanging lights and decorating your house with them came from the winter festival traditions, however, Christmas lighting is an important part of festival preparation everywhere in the world, may it be a winter place or not.


If we discuss Christmas lighting, LED lights became the very best option for a xmas gift for girlfriend and even for yourself. These lights are long and durable, safe, energy efficient and eco-friendly, versatile and better luminous than your older lights. It is always a better choice for festival lighting.

LED lights, as it is known as Light-Emitting Diodes or LEDs, are one of the most spectacular technological advancement in the electrical light industry. LEDs are different to traditional incandescent lighting by its make and technological function. These are smaller, solid light bulbs producing the better luminous effect with exact color and lighting effect. For instance, a red LED light produces red light beams, not a neutral light passing through a red lens like conventional lights. It also produces better lighting effects in low energy consumptions. As an example, a 12 watt LED light could produce the effect far better than one of a conventional 40-watt lamp.

Lets us discuss the benefits of using LED lights in Christmas:

  1. Energy efficient:

In a Christmas like widely observed festivals, you would love to light your home exteriors, door side, windows, balconies and terrace, garden, wickets, and interiors including your Christmas tree in advance to bring a festive mood to yourself, your family and neighborhood. In cases, if the different light hangings have to burn for a long festive week or more, these need to be energy efficient. LEDs are 70 – 80% less energy consumption than your previous lights. Their voltage and watt both are too low yet they produce a fine soothing lamination around your place.

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  1. Money-saver:

Being very low in energy consumption, LEDs put a very negligible extra amount on your electricity bill for the festival month. It is always a great money-saver if you install all your home lights with LED. On an estimated cost to decorate a 6 feet tall tree for 12 hours each for 40 days, it is charged $0.27 for 50 LED C-9 bulbs in comparison to $10.00 for non LED C-9s and $0.82 for 200 mini LED lamps chain in comparison to $2.74 for non-LEDs (at a rate of $0.119 per KWH). Nevertheless, even for the festival additional lighting, you can go for a long and versatile lighting to decorate everything possible bravely as you know you are going to pay a less considerable bill for that.

  1. Eco-Friendly:

With a less energy consuming property, LED lights are Eco-friendly as they also emit no UV virtually and create less temperature while lighting in comparison to conventional bulbs. Thus, you are going green with LEDs. Remember, if LED light uses could be more popular, it could bring a scientific solution to some part of the Global Warming by emitting less temperature and UV and consuming less electricity.

  1. Safe:

LED lights are made of epoxy lenses instead of conventional glass-made lights. So these are safe with less breakage or combustion possibility, less heating, and burning possibilities. Also, the connections are made with plastic covered circuit jacks leaving no open wire ends to create any electrical accidents. So be it children, or be it any adult unconsciously touching the lights, your family is safe with LEDs with the least risk of accidents.

  1. Versatile:

Nowadays, especially for festivals, the manufacturers are upbringing beautiful lot of varieties in LED lights. Not only, C-7 or C-9 bulbs, mini light strings, wide angle lights, candles, lanterns, snowfall lights, ribbons – they are coming with different shapes, sizes, colors, and lamination focus. The ideal versatility for your festival.

  1. Better luminous:

LED lights give you a better lighting effect with its lumination, respective to its electricity consumption. A smooth, cool light is created with no heating or high lighting emissions. LED is a solution to your festival decoration for both the indoor and outdoor environment bringing an expected effect of lighting.

  1. Durable:

A LED light stands for a minimum of 25000 – 75000 hours of lighting which calculates to a minimum of 3 seasons’ durability once after it is purchased. If kept well once after using for a festival, it could even give you a better durability to serve for a longer time. So if you are installing LED lights for once, it will save your money for installing lights, fittings, and accessories in every year.

  1. Easy installation:

As LEDs are risk-less lights, it is very easy to install them around your place. You may hang, fit or place them with your home exteriors, walls, gardens, wickets, door and window sills, furniture, statues, staircase and of course the Christmas tree. The switching is also a very easy fitting. It does not require any extra electricity loads, any high voltage connections or additional switching.

  1. Better gift:

Considering all the advantages of LED, you can choose to have it as a better gift to your beloved ones to decorate their home for this coming Christmas. If you think for a little different for a used one to be gifted it is always a better choice for a better gift xmas for girlfriend too.

Hence, it could be said that for both your regular and festival electrical lighting use, LED lights are the only solution from every aspect. We would recommend you to install LED lights and be used to with it from the coming festival season at Christmas as it is obviously going to save your money, save energy and lead to produce less electricity, save environmental and accidental hazards and produce a better colorful, light waving celebration environment. The Christmas with LED lights will be the best Christmas for your celebration.

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