The Best Statement Sofas for Large Rooms

Statement furniture’s are a piece of furniture that catches your eye and love absolutely and that stand out from the regular furniture types. This unique furniture tends to add a statement in form of colour, style etc that can bring out any room in your home. As Rose Tarlow said, “Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful”. The furniture should represent your personality and add a little statement will not do any harm.

Statement furniture need not always match your home decor as it needs to stand out be the highlight. Keep an open mind while buying any home decor furniture. Any paraphernalia you think might not work may just be the statement furniture your home requires. Let it be made of any material or be too large for your room, they will blend in with your home decor aesthetic easily.

The Best Statement Sofas for Large Rooms:

  1. Gatsby Sofa

The above image is Gatsby sofa from Lalco Interiors. This Victorian style sofa is elegant and a sign of prosperity and luxury. The Gatsby sofa is crafted from the highest grade teakwood. Available in one seater with three seater sofa available with 25 different premium quality upholstery options, this style has never been out of fashion. It can also give the Victorian feel to an otherwise modernised home. Not just the style, it can also add comfort and rugged durability to your home. The exquisite, elegant and vintage design of the Gatsby sofa surely emanates class and sophistication.

  1. Olympia sofa

The Olympia sofa is the newest addition to the sofas at Lalco Interiors. It is a perfect combination of comfort and style. It has a chesterfield design that is a perfect accomplishment for any living room or study. Chesterfield sofa was famous in England during the 1800s and it describes a leatherette couch.

The chocolate brown colour of the leather gives it the classy elegant look and old world charm. The sofa cushions are made with a combination of high density soft foam. It will also add a royal feel to your home. Olympia sofa has teak wood legs making it sturdy and durable.

  1. Wilson Emperor Sofa

The Wilson Emperor Sofa by Lalco Interiors is a classic chesterfield design that will add sophistication and style to your home. The sofa is built from high quality materials; skilled artisans constructed the sturdy and well-engineered Red Meranti sal wood framework. This sofa is upholstered with premium quality fabrics and can be customized with 25 different options of upholstery. Adding the velvet upholstery will be the cherry of elegance for the sofa in the room.

  1. Scribnner Delight Sofa

Scribnner Three Seater Sofa is truly one of it’s kind. This fabric sofa is upholstered with silk wood fabric and floral jute fabric, which is sure to catch attention. This divan sofa is crafted especially to transform your home into a beautiful lounge by the mere presence of the floral upholstery. This sofa can revamp the style in your decor.

This sofa will complement well with simple interiors and large space, where it can steal the whole show! You can customise your own sofa with the upholstery and colour of your choice.

  1. Wolfsheim Sofa

This L- shaped sofa is made especially for large rooms and families. This sofa from Lalco Interiors is one of the most exquisitely designed salwood sofas that cater to a large family.

This sofa is so comfortable that you can laze around for hours together, read or just gossip and lye around binging your favourite episodes. You can choose from 25 different upholsteries to match the sofa to your decor. Choose from Woven Jute Silk, Cotton Silk, Suede, and Velvet for an elegant look.

  1. Leo Sofa cum Bed

Statement sofas provide so why cannot they contain storage. The above chic sofa is from Lalco Interiors is a sofa cum bed with space for storage as well.  The Leo is a plush sofa is also a sofa cum bed. This sofa opens out into a queen size bed offering the utmost comfort. It also comes with hydraulic storage for hassle free storing. It is made a high quality foam and suede upholstery. This sofa cum bed will surely add elegance and statement to your room.

  1. Verona Sofa

The perfect statement addition to any modern home is this elegant Verona Sofa by Lalco Interiors. The sleek lines and stainless steel legs are contemporary and elegant. The sofa is made of white jute cotton to add pristine elegancy.

It will be a great addition to a large room, already having the bout of colours. This will add a statement by breaking out from the cliché that only colourful upholstered sofa can shine in the room.

You can also accessorize your sofa with colourful cushions with different patterns. Play with colour and contracts to add a pinch of liveliness to your room. You do not need to go and buy a new sofa, you can get the upholstery changed for your old sofa as well if it is in good condition and you do not feel like parting ways with it.

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